Character AI APK v1.7.3 Free Download | Latest [111.03MB]

Character AI APK is an app to experience the mimicked conversations with AI characters of your choice. Enjoy chats with super-intelligent bots that are able to understand you, hear you, and remember what you say.

character ai apk

Character AI APK Download

Character AI Apk v1.7.3 Download [111.03MB]

APK NameCharacter Ai
Latest Versionv1.7.3
Android VersionAndroid 7.0+

Like any other app, Downloading the Character AI APK is very easy. Here are the steps to download it on an Android device.

  1. So first click the given download link and download the Character AI APK.
  2. In case the downloading is not working, go to the settings of the device and click on security. Allow ‘download from unknown sources’. This will let you download the APK file.
  3. After downloading the APK file, go to file explorer or the Downloads to find the APK file. 
  4. Open the file and install it on the device. Then follow the steps carefully to complete the installation.
  5. Then the app will be installed on your device.
  6. After that, You can open it and start to use it.

The download process of Character Ai APK on the PC is quite different,

  1. Before downloading the Character AI APK, it is necessary to download an emulator. Bluestacks is highly recommended for this purpose.
  2. Then download the Character AI APK file on your PC with the given link.
  3. Open the APK file inside the emulator. Then let it complete the installation.
  4. After installation, the app is ready to use within the emulator.

What is Character AI APK?

Character AI APK is a chatbot app that is based on artificial intelligence. It uses neural language in order to generate text responses. The output of the chats is more human than the other AI chatbots available.

The characters in the character AI App have their own personalities. They can be fictional, historical, or celebrity characters. The app also allows you to speak with more than one character at a time. This is similar to talking with your friends by using a social media platform.

Character AI APK developers are Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas. This has become one of the most popular AI chatbots ever since its release in September 2022.

character ai apk download


There are many specific features in this Character AI Apk. Usage of these depends on the usage and the purpose of these features.

Creating Characters

With this Character AI Apk, users have the ability to create different characters of their choice. Users can create and develop characters according to their preferences of personality, emotions, speech patterns, and the ability to make decisions.

Different Themes

The users are able to start chats on different themes with the AI characters. There are over 19 different themes to choose from. The personality, behavior, and other attributes of the AI characters vary according to the selected theme.

Some of the popular themes on Character AI APK are,

  • Fiction/fantasy 
  • History 
  • Education 
  • Entertainment 
  • Business
  • Love
  • Healthcare 
  • Nature
  • Cooking 
  • Music

Having different themes provides flexibility to its users by being able to discuss any of the subjects virtually.

Quick Mode

This feature allows the users to create an AI character within seconds. It’s an advanced feature that can be used by people who are new to the app and have no idea about it.

Learning Languages

If someone wants to learn a new language and doesn’t know where to begin, Character AI APK is the best place.

It is an excellent tool with many features. It can build up a conversation with you in the language that you are trying to learn. The user can even personalize the chat style according to the level of learning.

The character AI Apk bot will show all the mistakes and correct them. This is helpful for the learners to get feedback on their skills and levels.


Character AI APK provides translation ability from one language to another. The chatbot is able to identify the texts and provide an accurate translation. The time that takes to translate a large volume of content is also relatively small.


Brainstormer chatbot has the ability to generate new ideas and concepts. Character AI Apk can think creatively according to the rough idea given by the user and come up with brilliant ideas.

It can help with storytelling, content writing, problem-solving, and development. Artists are also able to get visual ideas for their own projects.

Illustrated Conversations

With this feature, it is able to generate visual information instead of text-based chats. The character AI APK is able to bring up conversations based on visual presentations.

Education, marketing, storytelling, and even gaming can be digitally and creatively enhanced with this technology.

Enhanced Conversation

Character AI Apk has the ability to go beyond texting and understand different elements including emojis. It is able to reply empathically to a single emoji.  This will enhance the communication experience between the user and the AI.

It is also able to understand the intentions of the user and build up the conversation accordingly.

Customizable Privacy

The privacy features and settings of this Character AI APK are adjustable. This limits the ability to collect personal information and storing or utilizing them. 

There are many features including deletion, minimization, storage, transparency, and encryption. All these are helpful in building trust with the AI and ensuring their personal data is protected.


The users are able to speak to messages which will allow the AI to understand what they are speaking. And it is able to reply back to your voice-based chat in a text format.

The ability to reply to the user back in an audible manner is still under development. This feature, however, makes it easy for the users to interact with this system.

How To Use Character AI APK?

There are many ways to use the Character AI APK and utilize it in a good way. Let’s look into how it can be used.

Chat with existing virtual characters

This is one of the most unique features of this app. There are characters with different interests, behaviors, traits, and conservation styles.

It is not possible to tell that you’re actually chatting with a computer as the conversations are so humane.

To chat with an already available AI character, search for a character name that you want to chat with. This can be any of the popular characters in the world. Then select the character of your choice. This will lead you to a new tab with the chat window. The conversation will usually be started by the character.

You can join the chat and even rate the chat experience with each character. And also there’s a possibility to create a chat room if you wish to chat with several AI characters.

Create your own character

Fed up chatting with the same characters? Want to have someone that has similar interests to yours? The best way to fulfill this need is to create your own AI character.

In order to create your own Artificial Intelligence character, go to Create and then select ‘Create a character’. 

Then add a name that you wish to call your AI with a short introduction of the character.

You can set up who has access to communicate with the character. Also, you can share the character link if you wish to share your AI character with someone else. 

You can start chatting with the AI and engage in interesting conversations which also provides space for the AI to understand your needs.

Learn things

Character AI APK is not just about having fun, but also about learning something new. It can be used in a proper way to improve yourself.

Users are able to speak with the AI in different languages and learn a new language. The character AI APK will let you improve your speaking ability in new languages.

And it’s also a valuable platform to learn anything new about things. It can help to bring up new facts and information to the knowledge base.

Safety and Legality

Character AI APK is safe to use if you know the limitations. It might sound that this can be a safe and sound environment to release all your thoughts. But make sure that you have done the proper settings in order to make it more private and secure.

This platform is designed to keep a record of everything that is discussed. This is not to humiliate the user. It is to understand the user in a better way and come up with the best conversion next time.

But it is recommended to be careful about things that are being said as they can be revealed with negative technological methods such as hacking.


There are a lot of benefits as well as limitations in using Character AI APK. Let’s take a proper look into each of the details.


Character AI APK brings an immersive experience of chat where it is taken to the next level on artificial intelligence. It has the ability to understand the users in a very natural way and give them realistic responses without making them feel like they are talking to machines.

It can also help users to improve or learn other languages. The levels of language usage can be set up accordingly. It gives the facility to read, speak, and listen as well as to improve writing skills. 

With this platform, anyone is able to explore new things like new innovations, scenarios, and even new worlds. Users are able to get text-based and even visual-based imaging to explore things that they have never experienced.


Even though Character AI APK is an amazing AI app, it has some limitations.

As mentioned before, the platform provides the facility of creating any kind of AI character of their choice. This can create characters with bad intentions and influences. And since some characters can be used by everyone, they might lead users to negative ways and behaviors.

It is therefore better to understand that every character here is made up and still they are artificial.

Another thing is image generation. They of course have the ability to generate images according to your thoughts and ideas. But it is always better to keep in mind that most of them are not so realistic and while doing new innovations and designs should not follow them.

The Character AI Apk is sometimes not able to think logically Just like humans. Therefore it will be unable to handle some of the conversations that include logic, memory, telling reasons, and having common sense.

Even if it can understand the emojis, it may also not be able to look at the conversation in an emotional aspect. It might be not able to understand jokes, irony, humor, sadness, or the texture of the way that the user’s text is.


What can be done with Character AI APK?

Users can create a chat platform with an AI character of their choice. It allows the user to chat with the AI based on different genres and ambitions.

How does this app work?

It works by the usage of natural language processing technology to understand the user and to output something appropriate. 

How is Character AI APK different from other AI-based chat app?

Character AI APK is designed to understand and interact with humans. The characters have a personality and an identity that is unique.

Can this app understand emotions?

It can understand emotions through text-based explanations and respond accordingly. But keep in mind that it cannot understand every complex emotion 100%.

Is Character AI APK dangerous?

Like anything else invented, this also can malfunction and cause problems. This is why developers recommend it to use wisely with proper safety protocols. It can be beneficial if you use it in a good manner.

Final Thoughts

When considering all the above, Character AI APK is a unique app based on an AI-based chatbot. It has the ability to interact with people who have different personalities and interests.

It is a good platform that you can use to improve knowledge as well as to get some entertainment and company. The AI itself provides support to learn and to guide through different things.

The neural language model provides users with almost a human-based conversation. If you use it in a proper and positive way, Character AI APK is a fantastic platform to experience and unleash anyone’s imagination power.